Telemedicine is a convenient way to connect with Morehouse Healthcare’s clinical staff. By using everyday technology doctors can see a sick patient, check in with a patient recovering from surgery, follow up on treatment and more.

And it can all be done from the comfort and privacy of your home or office.

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Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering telemedicine options as a social distancing measure to decrease the risk of potential exposure. We want you to be able to receive care from the comfort and safety of your own home when possible and appropriate.

If you have a future appointment, your personal provider or a clinic representative will be calling you at your scheduled appointment time for a telephone visit and will:

  • Address your medication refills or other patient care needs.
  • Confirm with you to convert your existing appointment to a telehealth visit or to make a scheduled appointment at our Howell Mill Road location.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Services Offered


Family Medicine

At Morehouse Healthcare, we take care of the whole family. Using our telemedicine service, concerned patients can chat with their physicians without having to leave their home. Our trusted medical professionals can answer questions, give advice, and more even when the patient is miles away.


Internal Medicine

It’s what’s inside that counts. Our internal medicine team is experienced in everything from cardiology to endocrinology and more. With Morehouse Healthcare’s telemedicine services, our patients can update their physician about any changes to their blood pressure, let them know how diabetes treatment is working, and get the answers they need to lead a healthier life. All without having to travel to one of Morehouse Healthcare’s locations.


Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Our psychiatry and behavioral sciences specialists are trained to help patients living with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, drug and alcohol addiction, and many other disorders. Using Morehouse Healthcare’s telemedicine services, patients can schedule follow-up visits, discuss progress, and update their health care provider on their progress from the comfort and privacy of their own home or office.



Having surgery can be daunting. But Morehouse Healthcare’s telemedicine program can help patients as they prepare for surgery and as they recover. Doctors can chat face to face with patients and make sure they are ready for their procedure and follow up post-operation. All from the comfort and convenience of home.

Walkitria Smith, M.D.

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Many medical professionals and researchers say telemedicine could be the key to helping hard-to-reach populations in rural areas and to increasing accessibility in cities. How is this technology already being implemented? And what are the drawbacks, if any, to phasing out face-to-face care?  Dr. Walkitria Smith, medical director for telemedicine at Morehouse School of Medicine joined Closer Look for a conversation about the future of telemedicine. 

Dr. Walkitria Smith Speaks to FOX 5 Medical Team About Benefits of Telemedicine

Morehouse School of Medicine’s institutional vision led to the launch of the Morehouse Healthcare Telehealth Program in 2018. The program uses technology to increase access to healthcare among people living throughout Georgia, with a special focus on our rural communities. Walkitria Smith, MD, Medical Director of our Telemedicine Program, speaks with FOX 5 Medical team about what to expect and benefits of a telemedicine visit.