Plastic Surgery

Many men and women feel self-conscious about the changes in their facial features as they age. For some the problem is deep smile lines, hollow cheeks, or sagging skin around their jaw line (jowls) or neck. For some excess eyelid skin, wrinkles and puffiness around the eye, or drooping eyebrows may be the problem. Dr. Kpodzo can help you achieve a rejuvenated, more youthful, but natural-looking appearance. The procedure is customized to each individual patient’s unique needs. In certain cases Dr. Kpodzo may recommend combining the facelift with other procedures such as eyelid lift, brow lift, midface lift or chemical peel to complement the procedure and produce the beautiful and harmonious result which you desire.

Facelift Surgery: What to Expect

  • Surgical Setting - smaller facelifts can be performed on an outpatient basis meaning you go home on the same day, patients undergoing more extensive facelifts and older patients usually spend one night in the hospital after the procedure.
  • Anesthesia - General anesthetic

About the Surgery
The surgery typically takes about 4-6 hours depending on whether a mini-facelift, full facelift, or neck lift is done. The incisions are hidden along the hairline and in natural folds to camouflage them. For some patients a small incision will be made under the chin in order to shape and tighten the neck.

After Surgery
Most patients take at least 2 weeks off from work. Swelling and bruising can last for 1-2 weeks. Immediately after surgery patients must avoid any activity that will raise their blood pressure and the head is kept elevated to help decrease swelling. After about 2 weeks very light exercise such as walking can be resumed but sports and vigorous exercise must be strictly avoided for 4-6 weeks. You will need to wear a chin strap for 24 hours a day for at least one week after surgery. The final result cannot be appreciated until about 6 months after surgery.