Comprehensive Expertise and Care

A wide range of surgical services are available at Morehouse Healthcare. In addition, our surgeons work closely with physicians from other medical specialty areas to ensure the best possible patient care and treatment outcomes.

Our surgical services include:

  • General – The largest surgical division within our Department of Surgery and at Grady Hospital. General Surgery includes care for various abdominal disorders and includes colorectal surgery, bariatric surgery, laparoscopy and more.
  • Trauma – For serious injuries and conditions requiring immediate surgery, our trauma surgeons are board-certified in both general surgery and critical care. The trauma team covers Grady Hospital every fourth day and each member is also engaged in scientific and/or clinical research.
  • Vascular – Treating diseases and disorders of blood vessels and arteries, these surgeons also support the trauma team. In addition, our vascular care includes outpatient services for chronic wound care of the lower extremities.
  • Critical Care – Our surgical critical care team provides 24-hour in-house care. We operate a closed Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU), with detailed input and recommendations from the primary surgical team.
  • Oncology – Expert diagnosis and treatment of cancer, especially breast cancer, is provided by our surgical oncologists. We operate two outpatient clinics and three weekly breast screening clinics.
  • Thoracic – Elective surgery for organs in the chest area is provided by Morehouse Healthcare. Acute and traumatic injuries are covered on a rotating basis.
  • Plastic – For patients needing reconstructive surgery after trauma or cancer or desiring elective cosmetic surgery, our surgeons provide the full range of surgical and non-surgical (Botox, fillers, etc.) plastic surgery procedures. Our surgeons and staff are warm, attentive and dedicated to serving you in all your cosmetic and reconstructive needs.