Family Medicine

Treating Families from Head to Toe

We offer complete family healthcare services to diverse communities throughout metro Atlanta and Georgia. We believe in access to quality healthcare that stresses prevention and close attention to the dignity, mental health, and spiritual health of all individuals and their families.

A unique distinction of the Comprehensive Family Healthcare Center is that our staff consists of professionals from the fields of psychology, nutrition, family support services, and health education. This enables the physicians and staff to use a highly effective team approach to deliver comprehensive patient care that helps to ensure total wellness for patients of all ages. Patient services at our center extend beyond those typically offered by other clinics. We provide:

  • Home care or doctor visits to your home as needed
  • Weight control and stress management counseling
  • Women's wellness programs individualized or group nutritional counseling
  • Medicare and Medicaid eligibility assistance
  • A wide range of social services

Flu Vaccines

Flu vaccines are available at  Morehouse Healthcare. Schedule your seasonal flu shot appointment via My MH.

Remember that early prevention is the best way to stop the spread of the flu, so why wait? Request an appointment to get your vaccination today.


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